Cut out for the job.


A stripticket has the great advantage that you will not be faced with recurring “small” bills and is also cheaper.

As an example:

  • fixed price per hour of € 60,-
  • stripticket for 5 hours – € 270,-
  • stripticket for 10 hours – € 540,-
  • stripticket for 20 hours – € 960,-

The settlement of the hours worked per 20 minutes. In addition, the minutes are rounded up. So for 10 minutes of work are 20 minutes deducted stripticket.

Note: the stripticket is valid as long as I manage your site. and is paid in advance. Prices exclude 21% VAT.

In short about me

My name is Ivar Snel, living in Zuidhorn, am married and have two children. For over 10 years, I realize websites and webshops for small businesses. I am a lover of MODX en WordPress where I stand my projects in construction.