Cash has to flow.


I realize beside websites also webshops.

This can be a simple webshop or a larger webshop with many products. Depending on your wishes I create the shop in MODX by SimpleCart (this will be in 2017 Commerce) or in WordPress by WooCommerce. The choice between these shops will depend on what functionality you want for your shop.

Both shops have a variety of payment methods available such as PayPal, iDeal or credit card. So you can offer a variety of payment options to your customers. I will work with you to ensure the correct implementation.

Do you have an existing shop and you’re not happy, then I can make sure that your shop is seamlessly transferred to one of my shops. If you don’t want to implement an shop by me but you want some support from me I am at your service. I have several striptickets available which you can use.

Are you interested or you just want some information about the possibilities that I can offer please feel free to consult me. Please contact via my contact form.

In short about me

My name is Ivar Snel, living in Zuidhorn, am married and have two children. For over 10 years, I realize websites and webshops for small businesses. I am a lover of the MODX framework where I stand my projects in construction. MODX is flexible and great to work with.