Tinkering and maintaining.


Suppose you have a website but do not have the time or knowledge to keep them in. Then I can help you! I can help you to make appropriate changes to your website so you can focus on the important things for you. That may be textual changes to your website or modifying images. If you want I also can add products for you or change a shop.
In short: I am a handyman! For those interested who want to make more use of me, I do have strip cards in my range. So you buy in advance number of hours in which you can use if you have a task for me. The ticket strips are available in several variants. Click here for more information on my strip tickets.

In short about me

My name is Ivar Snel, living in Zuidhorn, am married and have two children. For over 10 years, I realize websites and webshops for small businesses. I am a lover of the MODX framework where I stand my projects in construction. MODX is flexible and great to work with.