Opslag Noordhorn

Everyone needs extra space. Storage is the perfect solution for a carefree relocation or renovation. Or to create order in your personal or business life. Whether it concerns temporary storage, small household effects, long-term or temporary industrial storage, Noordhorn Storage has the storage capacity you need for you. Storage Noordhorn gives you a safe storage space for the best price. You are always assured of the highest safety, quality and service so that you can always and easily store your belongings with us in your own storage unit.

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Visit the website: https://opslagnoordhorn.nl


In short about me

My name is Ivar Snel, living in Zuidhorn, am married and have two children. For over 10 years, I realize websites and webshops for small businesses. I am a lover of MODX en WordPress where I stand my projects in construction.


In het kort over mij

Mijn naam is Ivar Snel, woon in Zuidhorn, ben getrouwd en heb 2 kinderen. Al meer dan 10 jaar realiseer ik websites en webshops voor het MKB. Ik ben een liefhebber van het framework MODX en WordPress waar ik mijn projecten in realiseer.